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Humpdays 31 by andrewr255 Humpdays 31 by andrewr255

Artwork by: :iconbakart:


Story by: :iconandrewr255: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Written by: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Prior: Humpdays 30 by Soviet-Superwoman


Book II: Seeing Reds, SSW vs. Walkiria



"I no longer have control over the satellite...and yes it is a weapon of incredible power..." Nikola Myshkin managed to choke out before he was wracked with a bout of bloodied coughs. "I am sorry to have misled you Olga, even unintentionally. I did not know what it's true purpose was, but you must listen to me carefully now as there is no longer any more time. Right now the weapon is tracking it's way towards Washington D.C. and powered back to full strength. You both need to fly up...and destroy it."

"Then we are on our way to do so now." Olga replied, rubbing her sore neck with both hands. She looked over at her equally exhausted and wounded wife. "Can O.D.I.N. give us coordinates?"

Maia nodded, looking at them as they flashed across her visor. "Yeah I have them, but we have a problem. When I tried to assault it the first time it was protected by some kind of temporal shielding. O.D.I.N. doubts that it's even Russian technology."

The Soviet Superwoman stared at her for a moment before speaking to Nikola again. "Walkiria says the satellite is protected by some kind of temporal shields. How can we..."

"They will not be a problem, but you will only have a few seconds to take it down before the controls are re-established. I will contact you when you have your opening, but you will have to act quickly."

Olga pointed upwards and she and Walkiria both shot up into the air. Maia took the slight lead, following the flight plan O.D.I.N. had quickly supplied her with to reach the weapon. Olga pulled almost alongside and looked over at the stone-faced expression of her flame-haired lover.


"Save it Olga. We're both still under the influence of Genocide's nanites and until we are checked out by Poly we're both compromised emotionally. We need to focus on the job ahead and shut this damn thing down before millions die. After that we can deal with everything else. It just pisses me off that we had to leave her Nazi ass down there while we take out that satellite. I hope to God she's still laying in a pool of her own teeth when we get back, but I doubt it."

"Of course." Olga said, focusing her mind to the task at had as best she could. Her cobalt blue eyes locked onto the horizon as the two heroines raced upwards through the atmosphere.


Nikola Myshkin looked over at the gathering of scientists and technicians. The sounds of combat were dying outside along with the rest of General Tupelov's soldiers. He pointed a bloodied finger at them as he spoke, his voice pain-filled and hollow sounding.

"We can't access the satellite anymore but I want you to set up the automatic destruct system for the base and engage it. Hopefully the destruction of this control center will temporarily bring down the satellite's systems allowing for an assault to be made on it . Then I want you to leave here as quickly as you can. Tell the military outside that the self-destruct is engaged and tell them to pull back. Get everyone to retreat to a safe distance, please. No one else needs to die for this madness."

The men looked at each other for a moment, their eyes showing their agreement with his plan. Two of them sat back down to quickly bring up the auto-destruct while another proceeded to open the shutters and blast doors. As the men went about their tasks, Myshkin reached into his pocket and removed his wallet. The black leather object was slick with his blood as he opened it up and reached inside, removing a picture of his wife and daughter. He placed the picture down next to him, propping it up against the monitor. The technician closest to him swallowed hard.

"You aren't leaving, are you agent Myshkin?" he said in a grave tone.

"Nyet, my wound is too severe I'm afraid...and I have to make certain that this is the end of it."

The man nodded once before pointing to the monitor where a timer was already counting down. There was nothing else to be said. Nikola acknowledged it with a faint smile. The other technician had gotten the blast doors to release and they were slowly swinging open, the small team of computer specialists rushing for the exit with their arms raised, motioning rapidly and shouting for the soldiers to fall back. He hoped they would listen, as they had no reason not to and every reason to believe them. Even if they suspected them of lying, they would fall back and wait a few moments just to be safe. It would not be a long wait.

"What is your name?" Myshkin asked, his trembling lips pale and white.

"Leonid Roshal."

"Leonid, before you leave could you please do me a favor. Find my family in Moscow and tell them how sorry I am and how very much I love them. Can you honor a dying man's final wish?"

The man responded positively and Nikola smiled weakly. "Thank you my please go, while you still have time."

As Leonid quickly made his way out of the facility, Nikola breatehd a sigh of relief that no soldiers from the Kyrgyzstan military had stormed their way inside. They were falling back to a safe distance he hoped. His eyes locked on the timer as it counted down in front of him, the photograph of his loved ones next to it. His vision was starting to blur and he coughed up another mouthful of bloody phlegm. He spoke into his communicator to Olga as she sped her way upwards.


"Olga, I am going to give you the coordinates of the men who are in control of the weapon. You must make sure that they are held accountable for this. They need to be uncovered and shown to the world for the monsters that they are."

The Soviet Superwoman's brow furrowed as she responded, her voice quivering with anger. "You have my word, they will pay for this."

" are the coordinates where they are controlling the satellite from." Myshkin answered relaying her the series of numbers he had memorized. Olga repeated them quickly back to Maia, who had O.D.I.N. give them the location. Myshkin wished there had been enough time to take them out before the satellite fired but he couldn't take that chance.

"Somewhere in the Sea of Japan," O.D.I.N. answered almost instantly, "in all likelihood from a ship."

"We'll pay them a visit next." Maia growled.

"Nyet," Olga interrupted, "I shall deal with them. You need to check and make sure Genocide is still unconscious as quickly as possible. We cannot let an opportunity to cage her slip by us."

Maia couldn't help but agree. "That's the most level-headed thing you've said all damn day."

Both women broke through the upper atmosphere into the darkness of space. Olga took a deep breath before-hand since she no longer had her oxygen supply. Within seconds the dark, jagged object came into their view and again, Olga couldn't help but have a feeling of dread come over her. There was something about it's design, about it's irregular angles...something familiar and yet not. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it bothered her nonetheless, more now than when she had initially seen it as it orbitied Earth, completely unfurled. There was a bright, white energy pulsing across it's exterior in regular intervals, like a heartbeat that continued to quicken. Olga glanced over at Maia, both of them waiting anxiously to be given the word. Every second that ticked down felt like an eternity.


Nikola Myshkin watched as the last few seconds of his life ticked down towards eternity. He could feel his cosnciousness leaving him and strangely, he felt content about his situation. All his life, as a government agent he had performed questionable acts and done things that had made him question his own morals. With his last hours or so of life he had done the only things he could ever have possibly done, the only thing that was right. He would be responsible for saving the lives of millions and bringing a sect of international killers and terrorists to justice. There could be no better epitaph, no better final chapter for him. He knew his wife would understand and he hoped in time so would his daughter. All he had ever wanted for her was to live in a world that was safe and free from fear. She would grow up in a world that was hopefully unplagued by global war, or at least the one that he had found the courage to prevent. His breathing began to slow and his eyelids fluttered. It was not going to be long now.

"Destroy it Olga..." he whispered to her his final words, "I'll see you in another life."

The Soviet Superwoman was momentarily puzzled by his words but motioned towards Maia as she rocketed towards the satellite with her super-sonic speed. Walkiria also took off towards the weapon, her hands glowing with violet energy as she unleashed a volley of blasts in it's direction. The satellite shimmered and waivered just as last time, changing position in the timestream so that the bolts of energy raced past it. At that precise moment, the installation went critical ending the life of Nikola Myshkin and temporarily shutting down control of the weapon. As the satellite began to upload information from its new controllers both the Soviet Superwoman and Walkiria smashed into it, punching through its strange metal body like tissue paper and erupting out from different sides. Both heroines made a second pass through the satellite as internal explosions began to tear it to pieces. The white energy that was pulsing through it abruptly shorted out before cracking outwards across the framework. As the Soviet Superwoman and Walkiria zipped away from the satellite it exploded violently in a cascade of tiny fragments and hot, glowing bits and flecks of metal.




The following characters were used with permission:


:iconsoviet-superwoman: owns the Soviet Superwoman and Nikola Myshkin.


:iconteri-minx: owns Walkiria.


This story takes place in the :iconangel-fallsda: universe.



Continued: Humpdays 32 by Soviet-Superwoman

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