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Ties of Blood 4 by andrewr255 Ties of Blood 4 by andrewr255

I am reposting this chapter of a story I did with :iconXeranad so I can have the complete version in my gallery.


The original is posted here:


Artwork by: :iconsean-loco-odonnell:

Written by: :iconxeranad:




"Hey there, who's this?" Alexander asked, picking up his little girl and poking her in the stomach, making her laugh. "Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say this was my daughter, but she's a bit too big to be my little girl."

Aria continued laughing. "I am Aria! Silly!"

Alexander and Aria shared a laugh, father and daughter... they were a happy family... Alexander, Aria...

...and Gwendolyn...


Xeranad awoke, his eyes wide from shock and pain... pain he hadn't felt in ages. He felt his face and noticed it was all wet, the water streaming from his eyes.

"Am I... crying?" He asked himself, wiping away the tears.

"Still trapped by your own human emotions... how pathetic." Angra Mainyu answered, inside Alexander's head.

"Leave me alone... This is all your fault. You destroyed my family... you tore us apart and used me like a puppet for over a thousand years... isn't that enough for you?"

"Love, friendship, hope... all of it is useless and foreign to me. And besides, you brought this on yourself... you turned yourself into the puppet I now dance upon this stage called Angel Falls... the truth is this is YOUR fault." Angra Mainyu chuckled.

"No..." Alexander grabbed his ears, trying hard not to listen, but it did no good. "You are lying to me. You must be. I wouldn't do those things... I wouldn't have done those things if it wasn't for you!"

"You brought this on yourself when you drank from the Grail. You were afraid of death, so you tried to stop it... did I not grant your wish? I gave you the gift of immortality, and you have the nerve to spit in my face for it?!"

"This isn't living! This is hell!"

"A hell of your own creation."


"MAKE ME." Angra Mainyu exerted his will upon Alexander, and he screamed in pain, convulsing and writhing like he did before. "What are you? Nothing but a lowly human, now entrapped in the chains of immortality. And you have the gall to give ME orders?!?!" Alexander continued screaming. "Angel Falls will BURN for this latest slight against me, and I am going to make you watch the horror of it all."

"Why... why are you doing this?" Alexander gasped in pain.

Angra Mainyu chuckled to himself quietly before answering. "Because I can."


Xeranad Lekard sat in his throne, waiting. Daniella entered, giving a quick bow. "Master... is everything..."

"Yes, yes, everything is fine. I am absolutely fine." The warmth in his voice sounded fake, but it still offered security. Daniella approached her master, who had stepped off his throne and was now walking towards her.

"You... had something to give me?" She asked.

"Yes, I do indeed have a gift for you..." He said, grabbing her, holding her close. "I give you a piece of myself." With that, he kissed her, and for a brief moment, Daniella had thought all her dreams had come true...

Then she felt something hot and slimy crawl down her throat, causing her to gag and shove herself away from her master. She spit on the ground, and a black ooze hit the floor, so hot you could see steam rising from it. "The... hell... did you... do to... me?"

"We are now closer than ever, you and I. When you awaken, you will be just as I am, a being unlike any the world has to offer. I will need your services should I fail in the hell that is to come. Now, sleep, dear child... sleep and dream of your master's return..."

Daniella passed out after hearing these words, her world changed forever.


Xeranad placed his mask upon his face and waited. As if on cue, Concussion entered. "So, I am guessing that the weapon wasn't put to the test."

"No, because of a betrayal and a stupid girl's interference." Xeranad answered, and the darkness in his voice was so thick that, for a brief second, it sent a shiver down Concussion's spine. "Anyway, there is still a way to show those pathetic Guardians just what they are dealing with."

"Oh?" Concussion asked, intrigued. "Tell me. What can you do this time that won't fail?"

To his surprise, Xeranad knelt down before him. "I need a power boost. As I am now, I am not powerful enough to completely destroy the Guardians... however, with a fraction of your power to back me... I would eradicate them as swiftly as a hurricane wipes away settlements."

Concussion stared at him for a moment and then started laughing. "Really? That's your plan? What makes you think you can use MY power any better than I can?"

"Because you focus more on raw power than using that power in creative ways. Supreme power won't matter if they are expecting it, but if they do not expect it, they are doomed to die. Fear and surprise are more vital than mere power. When coupled together, even someone as resilient as Walkiria or Soviet Superwoman will have no choice but to bow to us or die. I will make Angel Falls burn to the ground before this is over... I swear that to you now."

Concussion stared at him for a second, and smiled. "What the hell? At the very least, this should be quite interesting..."

"Glad we could come to an agreement."

"Alright... hold still."


The following characters were used with permission:

:iconxeranad: owns Aria, Xeranad, Gwendolyn and Daneilla.


:iconandrewr255: owns David Blake/Concussion.




:iconsoviet-superwoman: owns the Soviet Superwoman.


:iconteri-minx: owns Walkiria.


This story takes place in the :iconangel-fallsda: universe.



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