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I got tagged by :iconvatorx: so here are my answers to the questions posed.


I won't tag anyone else because I can't run fast enough to catch up to them and slap 'em.


1. If you could bring one of your characters to real life, which one would you choose?

I only have one main character my omnipotent split personality David Blake (good)/ Concussion (bad) so it would have to be him.

2. If you could choose to give that character free will in real life, or make them do whatever you wished, which option would you pick?

As he has the power to do virtually anything I would make him my bitch and thru him get whatever I wanted, which actually relates to question # 5 below.

3. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

I don't like coffee so 0

4. If aliens were to invade Earth, V style, would be a collaborator or fight in the resistance?

Oh I would definitely rat out my friends, family and yes even my pets. Stop looking at me like that Fluffy!!!

5. If you could choose between ensuring the end of decease and hunger for all humans on earth, or receiving 5000 billion dollars and knowing you'll live to be 120 years old without health issues, which one would you pick?

I would like to think the first option but none of us would really know the answer to that question unless it really happened to us I think.

6. If you could remake the ending of a Star Trek show, which show would you pick?

Amok Time, I would have left Kirk dead. :devil:

Just kidding! Actually I am a fan of all things Star Trek but I am drawing a blank on this, even for the bad episodes.</i>

7. If you could bring one actor or actress from the past back to life, which one would you pick?

Peter Sellers. Unlike other great actors who died after their careers were over Peter Sellers is one actor I felt when he died we all suffered not just his lose but our lose was also of much more great furture work that would now sadly never be. Another I felt this way about was Jim Hensen.

8. Rizzoli or Isles?

Heard of the show but never watched.

9. Xena or Gabrielle?


Never watched the show but I assume that Gabrielle was Xena's lesbian lover? I do recall that XXX episode where they finally 'got it on.' Oh wait, I'm thinking of that porno that I saw, ahem, that my friend saw and then told me all about.

10. Kirk or Picard ?

Captain Kirk Canuck!! Hairpiece and all!!

Well after never being tagged before this is my third tag in the last little while.


Is there a tag outbreak going on? What does one take for this... Aspirin, Chicken Soup or Cocaine?


Here are my answers to :iconxeranad:'s questions.


1) What is your favorite board game?

Never really had one. In fact I don't remember playing many.

2) DC comics or Marvel Comics?
DC, the best heroines to me.


3) Video game question: Resident Evil or Silent Hill?
Don't play video games but based on what I have seen I would give the edge to Silent Hill for being different as compared to more zombie killing. Plus Pyramid Head!


4) Show question: Big Bang Theory... or Red vs. Blue? (Yes, I went there)
Don't watch Big Bang but give it the edge as I have seen it here and there and have never heard of the other one.


5) London, Berlin, or Paris?
London. Love those fantasy characters there like Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes and Queen Elizabeth.


6) Robot or Zombie apocalypse?
Zombie as killing robots is no where near as gory as good ol' Z killing is, Yehaawhh!


7) Actor question... Patrick Stewart or Sean Connery?
As a Star Trek fan I pick Patrick. Yes I am a Bond fan as well but while Patrick is number 2 under Kirk Sean is lower down the list of my favorite Bonds.


8) Name your favorite planet!


9) Fantasy question: Sauron or Voldemort?
Tough but let me see...


10) What do you think?

Well :censored:

Tagged Round 2 thanks to :iconpizzanerd1: and as before I won't tag anyone else.

Also my lawyer indicated to me that as my first draft of answers could get me in trouble (big time I think is how he put it) I had to tone it down a bit.

Favorite superhero:

Assuming regular comics (as compared to DA which I answered on my last tag) I would say it is a toss up between the chipper Superman and the sullen Batman.

Favorite pizza toppings:

Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Green Peppers. Please don't make me choose, for the love of God man!!

McDonalds or Burger King:

Don't have a Burger King in my town so while I have had Whoppers before the Big Mac is still king in my book.

Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo:

I don't play games… well video games I mean.

Twitter or Instagram:

Don't do Twitter and have never heard of Instagram. Is that like a service to instantly get 1 gram of some narcotic delivered to you? If so I'll place my order later. (After I eat my Big Mac of course.)

Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter:

Don't play either but kudos to Street Fighter for giving us Chun Li.

Surfing or Snowboarding:

Surfing, if by surfing you mean Channel. And any word with snow in it needs to be stomped out right away. (Sorry Snow White, this hurts me more than it will you… well actually it won't.)

Football or Baseball:


Favorite animal:

Catwoman… I mean cats rule! Then again cows give us mooo, milk, burgers and tipping so they rule as well!

Favorite genre of anime

Can't go wrong with good old tentacles.

PS, will I explode if I eat that third Big Mac?

I got tagged by :icondevduck01: and shall attempt to answer his questions honestly unless my inner politician comes out and I can't resist lying, lying and more lying.

I won't tag anyone else however so relax folks. (unless that was a lie. :evillaugh:)


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek, but I love Star Wars as well. My favorite series was DS9.


Hannibal or Michael Myers?

Not a fan of slasher horror but Michael for sure as he was the first and his mask was originally a William Shatner halloween mask. How's that for a Star Trek tie in?


Favourite Sport

Football... and I don't mean Soccer. Go Pats! Go Broncos!


Person you would most like to talk to, from any point in history

Santa and why he hasn't visited me recently. :cries:


Favourite book

Don't read much but an audio book I love and have listened to twice is Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Hated the movie though.


Job you would most like to have

Lazyboy tester which suits my greatest acquired skill: lazyness.


Favourite candy/sweet

I actually don't eat candy or sweets but do love ice cream.


In favour of franchise reboots, and if so why/why not

Neutral here but don't mind them. Case in point Star Trek and Man of Steel which I have enjoyed.


Favourite game platform - Yes dammit I am including there!

I don't play games, they frustrate me too easily.


Your favourite DA OC (cannot be your own)

:iconsoviet-superwoman: 's Soviet Superwoman. The reason why I became a fan of DA in the first place.



Whew, that was a lot of typing and for a guy gifted with natural and acquired laziness.  I am pretty impressed with myself. I'd like to say more but...

lazyness now wins...

Please note the Superhero Story Group Angel Falls is holding a contest to design a logo for the unified protectors of the city know as the Guardians and there is a prize for the winner!

Check out all the details here:…
I got tagged by :iconlordsnot:

I forgot the rules but it involves answering his insightful questions and I think tagging other people or something.

I'll answer his queries (cool word huh) but shall never tag others as that goes against my religion which again I forgot the rules but I'm sure it involves the God Pepsi.

Here goes:

1) Which Superheroine is your Favorite?

Wonder Woman, no Powergirl, no She Hulk... Cripes these questions better get easier.

2) Have you ever been caught picking your nose?

Not that I am aware, quite amazing really considering how often I do it. Just a minute, time to take a pick break...

<90 minutes later>

3) Have you ever farted in a crowded elevator to torment them?

I would never do such a thing!!!! But I have pissed in the corner just to see their reaction. Heh, funny thing is one guy was an off duty cop and he wasn't laughing.

4) How awesome is the guy who tagged you?

That guy was awesome... and then this tagging incident occured.

5) Blondes or Brunettes?

I think I'm color blind so usually end up with the green haired rebel.

6) Which movie are you looking forward to?

Many, many but I would say the Hobbit (I have that avatar for a reason.)

7) Did you answer question 4 and if not, F you

Would you repeat the question please...

I'm waiting...

8) Is cameltoe awesome or what?!

Awesome indeed but I've always wondered what other camels thought of it.

9) Have you ever stolen anything? details!

Well that one girl's virginity... but hey I gave it back!!!

10) How bad do you want to murder Bill Bellamy?

Who? I don't know him. I could google him but, well... I'm lazy so I'll just say that I'm sure he must be the greatest guy around and who would disagree with me? Who, hey, who?

Can I stop typing now? Writers, I just don't know how they do it...
I have had an annoying glitch for a few days now and was wondering if anyone else has or had this problem: I can't read past page one of deviation comments, when I press 2 or another number for that page of comments I go a screen of what appears to be written code which extends off my screen to the right.

I have this happening on two different computers and now a laptop and I have also tried a fake login I setup as well, but no luck. I do have a support note in to DA.
***Breaking News***

It appears that James Cameron, still angry over being snubbed at the Oscars, has assumed control of all avatars. Our experts seem to believe his plan is to form an army, march on the Academy of Motion Pictures and kick some ass!

Once he has done that our expert says there are only three possible conclusions to this sweeping story:

1) He will eat a Big Mac and surrender to the authorities,
2) He will eat a Big Mac and march his army elsewhere, or
3) He will eat a Big Mac and commit suicide.

We here at the news desk are not sure about the Big Mac but that's what our expert says and Lord knows we have to report what he says. (Despite the fact that he is only 9 and is currently eating a Big Mac)

We now return you to your dA browsing...
In this day and age with the internet making the world a very small place you can sometimes forget just how big the world is. In my modest gallery I have artwork by artists from the Philippines, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Italy and the US.  Other Deviants who have far bigger galleries than mine certainly have even more diversity, and if you sit back and think about it the thought that comes to mind is Wow. And whether you are politically left or right, rich or poor, pro-abortion or pro-life, pro-Marvel or pro-DC, pro-Star Trek or pro-Star Wars everyone becomes the same when viewing and commenting on art. That is what is so great about this and other similar sites.

Ouch, I just fell off my soapbox.
I realize just because you make alot of money doesn't mean you should win an oscar, after all Transformers 2 did huge box office and I didn't like it (and I do like Michael Bay movies). I also wasn't expecting a landslide, but come on! When you make 2.5 billion worldwide and clearly are a great movie and you win practically nothing!!! I don't watch award shows, the oscars was an exception. I said was because I don't plan to ever watch them again!

ok,, that's better.